Key Account Development

Understanding your target markets is key to your ability to sell successfully to them.

We are able to help you gain an unrivalled understanding of your key accounts and target prospects by undertaking a range of research & key account development campaigns on your behalf to help increase that level of understanding.

Key Account Development enables you to deep dive into individual accounts, identifying key decision making units, existing contract positions and forthcoming events that will drive procurement in the future.

The campaign will typically require information to be gathered from across the organisation, including both the lines of business and the technology departments. Information is presented back as an individual company report, including company background, decision making trees and individual discussion notes, giving the sales person a powerful tool in targeting and winning key target accounts.

On a broader basis, surveys can be designed and delivered to help with marketing understanding and additional analysis provided that will help drive future sales and marketing strategy.

Discover how Key Account Development can help you understand your target markets

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