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Defined Benefit Pensions Database

BID Marketing own and make available for lease the largest database of organisations in the UK with final salary pension schemes in place.

The market for Defined Benefit pension schemes is not getting any bigger, it is though getting significantly more competitive as companies strive to gain market share and upsell / cross sell a more diverse range of services.

The Pensions Regulator states that there are approximately 6,000 Schemes in the UK and this number decreases by roughly 150 – 200 companies per year.
The questions are therefore how many of these companies and schemes do you have visibility of? Are you reading about deals being won that you had no visibility of and you struggling to keep track of key decision-maker movements in the market?

If you answer yes to any on the above then the BID Marketing Defined Benefit Database may well be the answer. We believe we have the largest database of companies and organisations with DB Schemes in the UK, and we can segment this list by asset size and soon by tri-annual review date.

In addition, we have identified over 8,000 key decision makers and can therefore give you the means to effectively market and sell to prospects in a highly focused way.

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