BID Marketing Services Lead Generation, Key Account Development, Inside SalesThe BID Marketing Inside Sales model enables companies to outsource the initial phase of business development.

Our Inside Sales model has been created to offer clients a solution to the problem of creating a sustainable pipeline of new business appointments and sales ready leads. It is a proven and successful model that extends the reach and effectiveness of a sales team whilst providing the flexibility of approach and scale to ensure the business has the level of opportunity required to achieve its goals.

The campaign model is based on two fundamental principles.

Firstly, people buy from people and therefore building rapport and establishing a mutually beneficial relationship with each prospect is key. Every conversation with a prospect represents a potential opportunity either for now or in the future and the IS team need to recognise the importance of the right first impression and then have the ability to build on that as opportunities progress through the sales cycle.

Secondly, qualification underpins everything within the campaign. Every touch point with a client needs to increase the understanding of where that prospect is within the buying cycle for the services and solutions being promoted. This identifies when an opportunity is sales ready and therefore if it is appropriate for direct engagement of your skilled sales team, or indeed if the requirement is longer term then providing the mechanism for nurturing and developing that opportunity until such time as it is sales ready.

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