BID Marketing Technology Services, Telemarketing, IT Lead GenerationThe technology market has innovation at its core, and to develop new business opportunity in an increasingly challenging market requires an agency that is able to both innovate and deliver.

BID Marketing have been delivering demand generation and inside sales campaigns for technology solution partners for over 16 years.

It is no longer enough to contact companies stating that your solution is bigger, faster and more efficient then existing solutions, you have to be able to articulate a real value proposition to the business, but in a way that is personal and relevant to your prospect.

If you can achieve this then it is still possible to create great leads and opportunities that will have your sales teams asking for more.

This is where BID Marketing can support you, with a team well versed in pitching the latest technology and services, and a great collaborative process that designs and builds successful campaigns.

If you are looking to increase your pipeline of leads and generate more sales in the Technology Market space then feel free to Contact Us on 0121 687 8001.