BID Marketing Professional Services, Telemarketing, Lead GenerationIf you are looking to generate new business opportunity and need to get in front of qualified buyers then BID Marketing can assist you in doing this.

BID Marketing take forward a wide variety of complex business service offerings on behalf of our clients. The process we have developed for designing and delivering campaigns is consistent across all markets and is a proven model in helping clients get in front of their key prospects.

From management consulting, project and programme change management solutions through to helping one of the UK’s largest hotel chains increase their business account base, we are able to contact, qualify and generate opportunity that generates increased pipeline and revenue.

We have undertaken extensive inside sales work in the R&D Tax sector, helping our clients generate £ millions in revenue from the opportunities we have identified and created for them.

In addition, we work with companies that focus on reducing their clients cost base, be that through none core spend or assessing their energy requirements through to helping them offset business rates on empty property.

If you are looking to increase your pipeline of leads and generate more sales in the Professional Markets space then feel free to Contact Us on 0121 687 8001.